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Elmira Car Detailing

How an Elmira NY Car Detailing Service Can Keep Your Car in Tip Top Shape

Getting your car detailed requires a large amount of diligent car maintenance services like waxing, cleaning and polishing. These services are applied to both the exterior and interior of your car. Detailing is a great way to improve the look of your car, but it also helps to protect and preserve your car’s exterior as well. Additionally, when your car is maintained and looks great, this can increase the overall resale value of it in the future.

What Happens When You Take Your Car to a Detailing Service?

When you find a dedicated and professional Elmira NY car detailing service to provide you with a variety of detailing services available to your car, you probably want to know the process that your car will go through when you drop it off to be detailed.

When you drop your car off at a detailing service your car is washed, the tires are cleaned, everything including the wheels, grill, and every hidden spot on the car is cleaned thoroughly. The exterior and the tires are properly cleaned to remove any dirt, debris or even dead bugs stuck in them.

Next, the auto professionals will review your cars exterior paint to see how to proceed with the polishing and waxing of the car. This step is necessary so that they can evaluate how the paint will hold up to the treatments to create a finish that is close enough to its original shine when you first bought it.

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After your car is polished, a thin layer of wax is applied to help protect the exterior from the dirt and debris of everyday travel. The final step is to make sure all the trimmings around the car are polished and shined up nicely. This includes the handles and windshield.

Elmira Car Detailing

After the exterior of your car is completed, then the interior is polished to help remove any smudges and other marks that have been left by daily use. Steam cleaning, vacuuming and brushing to remove any stains on the upholstery in the car is then completed. The process of going to an Elmira NY car detailing service can last for up to a year if proper washing is done in between.

Get That Showroom Shine

When it comes to keeping your car looking great, it can become a full time job in taking it to the car wash frequently. However, there is another way to maintain your cars off the showroom floor appearance without the hassle of daily washing and waxing. Elmira NY Car detailing services can help to keep your car looking shiny and new longer.

Not only does having your car detailed benefit it by keeping its new like appearance but it also helps to maintain the life of your car longer. Just like other things in your life, you want to keep up with the maintenance of your car to help extend the life and use you get out of it.

Reduce the Money You Spend on Upkeep

Taking your car to get washed and waxed frequently can really add up over time. When you are looking to get that look like your car just drove off of the dealership the Elmira NY car detailing service can help get the job done. What’s even better is that it saves you time and money. No matter if you take your car to the car wash or washing it at home on your own, you are still spending valuable time and money to get it completed. Why not save your time and money and get the service of professionals at an Elmira NY car detailing service.

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Benefits of Car Detailing Services

Not only does detailing leave your car looking great but it can help to increase the lifespan of other items on your car such as your tire rims. By shining and providing a clean and smooth surface to them, this will help to prevent wear and tear from weather and use such as rust and deterioration.

Professional car detailers use powered polishers and buffers with polishes to help remove any scratches and minor conditions on your car. They can help to improve the look and quality of the paint on your car as well. Waxing is another step done by a professional car detailer who helps to protect your car from any dirt and grime. Additionally, the exterior parts of your car are buffed and polished. Enjoy a crystal clear view with ice polished windshield as the final step in the process of detailing your car.


Extend the life of your car and parts by using a professional Elmira NY car detailing service near you. A professional shine and look can keep your car looking and running great. By preventing potential damage from occurring, you can help to keep your car in use for longer. Prolong the look and life of your car through professional services. Elmira NY Car Detailing