Scratch and Scuff Repair

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No matter how careful you are, it is almost inevitable that your vehicle will at some point get a scratch or scuff. No matter how big, no scratchon your cars exterior hurts more than the first, which is why fixing that for you is our top priority. JW Detailing feels your pain and has developed Scratch & Scuff Repair as the perfect resolution for your vehicles damage. This is a vital part of the exterior detailing process.


JW Scratch & Scuff Repair targets 2 kinds of damage: top level problems like “spider web” scratches, swirl marks and clear coat haze or those scratches that have gone through the painted surface. Our Scratch & Scuff Repair services uses specialized equipment and effective paint blending to fix the issue and bring your vehicles surface to its factory-delivered shine. Whether it’s damage from a car wash scrubber or a scratch on your door, fender or even bumper, JW is ready and standing by to resolve the issue.

JW Scratch & Scuff Repair will repair issues caused by:

  • Car washes
  • Road debris
  • Imperfect waxing or paint conditioning
  • Clear coat distortion
  • Day-to-day “dings” or mistakes
  • Improper paint blending
  • Many more everyday problems

If everyday driving has done damage to your car, Scratch & Scuff Repair can help resolve the problem and bring back  your confidence in your vehicles beauty. Don’t wait another minute thinking about  a mark from last year, bring your car to us right away and we will bring it back to it’s original quality and luster.